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What is a Nurse Practitioner, and Why Do I Need One?

What is a Nurse Practitioner, and Why Do I Need One?

All nurse practitioners (NPs) must complete a master’s or doctoral degree program in nursing, and have advanced clinical training beyond their initial professional degree as a registered nurse. Green Bay Oncology now employs seven nurse practitioners. As a nurse practitioner, I view myself as an extension of my collaborating physician. Each physician here at Green Bay Oncology is paired with a nurse practitioner to be an integral part of the care team. The NP is skilled to examine and treat patients independently as a part of the care team.

Often during my day as an NP at Green Bay Oncology, I am asked, “Wow, this job must be really hard? I could never do this job.” I open the discussion with my patients as viewing this job as a gift, a window into a person’s life, often into his or her most vulnerable state. It is a very personal, emotional, and rewarding position to be in. I am given the opportunity to be a part of my patient’s and their family’s journey through treatment. It is my job to assist them in any way I can; whether it be with a physiologic, emotional, or social need. I always try to find out what is important to my patients. Is it their job, their family, a special event? By doing this I can individualize each and every patient’s overall plan of care.

The nurse practitioners at Green Bay Oncology help facilitate care at all of the outreach sites, provide care at the Saturday clinic at our east side location, and are dedicated to giving back to our community by speaking at and supporting many local events.

By having nurse practitioners at Green Bay Oncology it has allowed the group to take a more holistic and collaborative approach. We truly do look at each interaction as a group effort. As a group, we continue to focus on how our patients’ needs can best be met. The NP is a key component of the communication that occurs not only between the staff here at Green Bay Oncology, but also with our partnered local and state providers. Here at Green Bay Oncology, rest assured we are here for you, and look forward to being a part of your care team.