Clinical Trial Award

However, only one in five U.S. oncologists participates in the NCORP – the National Cancer Institute’s pipeline that delivers clinical trials from the academic centers to the community cancer clinics – and it’s easy to understand why: it’s lot of grant-writing, administrative work, and staying informed enough to match patients to trials that might help them.

But if you’re dedicated, you make time for the important things – and Green Bay Oncology physicians are dedicated to clinical research.

Though only a minority of NCORP physicians get recognized (81 physicians) for excellence in patient enrollments, this year FOUR Green Bay Oncology physicians received this honor:

●  Dr. Anthony Jaslowski – Gold Certificate

●  Dr. Brian Burnette – Silver Certificate

●  Dr. Sigurdur Bodvarsson – Silver Certificate

●  Dr. Matthew Ryan – Silver Certificate


Recognition is nice, but doing the right thing for people facing cancer is even better – and that’s why our physicians keep at it.

It’s the right thing to do.