We are the region’s largest group of cancer specialists, bringing the world’s best new treatments to our patients right here.

At Green Bay Oncology, there is strength in numbers. With the area’s largest cancer-fighting team, our patients are assured that they are not the sole responsibility of one doctor. We have many medical oncology and hematology experts who collaborate every day on every case, supported with a full team of expert nurse practitioners. This depth of attention and care leads to a better chance of success for our patients. Learn more about our oncologists, about us, or find a convenient cancer treatment location near you.

National Cancer Institute

In Partnership with National Cancer Institute

The National Cancer Institute has designated Green Bay Oncology as the region’s only participant in its renowned Community Clinical Oncology Program (CCOP):

  • One of just 64 CCOPs in the U.S. and one of only three in Wisconsin.
  • Conducting clinical trials to evaluate new cancer treatment options.
  • Identifying new ways to detect, diagnose and treat cancer.

This means our patients get access to groundbreaking new treatments, often years before anyone else.

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    This past year has seen a long-awaited improvement in the treatment of hemophilia A and B. Regular use of prophylactic clotting factors has made vast improvements in the quality of life of boys and men diagnosed with hemophilia. With this use they can preserve joint health and participate in many sports and activities that were… Continue reading

    The ribbon is a symbol of awareness and support.  It was originally used in the early mid-1900s in a United States military marching song.  The song “Tie a Yellow Ribbon”, inspired the wife of a hostage held in Iran from 1979-1981 to use the yellow ribbon to show support for hostages and to remind others… Continue reading
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    ‘Palliative’ (p`alle `aytiv) or ‘Palliate’ (p`allee `ayt): the relief of physical, emotional, psychosocial and spiritual symptoms with or without cure of the medical condition. Simply put, palliative care seeks to assist you in living the best day you can live, every day. Unfortunately, for many people, it is synonymous with hospice and, therefore, death. Whether… Continue reading
  • Spotlight:

    We are proud to bring expert cancer treatment to patients in Marinette and surrounding communities. Some of the best quality of care in the country and access to the National Cancer Institute’s Community Clinical Oncology program is now available in our new Cleveland Avenue location.