Male Breast Cancer

Men absolutely get breast cancer. It happens here in Green Bay. I’ve treated it. So it’s absolutely a thing. But men get breast cancer about 100 times LESS often than women do, for a very simple reason: Most breast cancers develop from abnormal cells in the ductwork of the breast. But men have less breast… Continue reading

COVID-19 and Cancer

Is this hype or is this real? The death rate is about 1-3% - not as high as SARS, but about ten times higher than regular influenza. It's not hype. It's real. … Continue reading

Has COVID-19 lost us the war on cancer?

For several months in the spring of 2020, clinics and hospitals across the United States temporarily suspended routine cancer screening during the early phase of the COVID outbreak. Patients we’d reminded by mail and phone not to forget their mammograms or colonoscopies or PAP smears were suddenly told to cancel them and sit tight. Most… Continue reading

The Other Side

I have been at Green Bay Oncology caring for patients for nearly eleven years. I am used to being in charge, having the answers, the results, the plan. Since I have always been a perfectionist and need to control things, part of empathizing with my patients is treating them the way I’d want my family treated.… Continue reading

COVID Testing in Brown County: Why You Should Bother

The Wisconsin Department of Health Services has recommended COVID testing for all persons who live and work in Brown County. The testing centers have a pretty convenient registration and drive-through process, but it’s still about a half hour of your life spent waiting. “But I feel fine, and I’ve barely been out of my house!… Continue reading

No Illusions

Though I’m an oncologist and not an infectious disease expert I’m getting bombarded with questions about the pandemic. Patients and staff are asking me and every one of my partners similar things, over and over: How long until things go back to normal? How much danger am I in? Is it all going to be… Continue reading

There is always another play.

In April, I asked parents of these teams if they wanted join me in a donation system to give some deeper meaning to the girls’ season after my mom, Patty Thorne, had passed away from breast cancer on January 6th of this year. We have all had people we know affected by cancer and several… Continue reading

You voted us “Best.” We call it “nothing less than you deserve.”

Biggest. Boldest. “Best.” From the day we opened 43 years ago, Green Bay Oncology has had only one focus, one guiding star for every decision: what is best for our patients? And now, we are deeply honored and humbled to have been recognized for that dedication—by you, our patients, families, and friends. Thanks to you,… Continue reading

Bladder Cancer Awareness

Though the treatment of cancer of the urinary bladder is complex and evolving, it isn’t necessary to travel to a distant medical center for this problem. At Ascension, we have the specialty expertise you need to treat you close to home. What we commonly call bladder cancer can actually arise from any part of the urinary system:… Continue reading

Cynthia’s Scholarship Story

Dr. Jules Blank actually treated my mother when she had leukemia. She passed away very young and I was just 12 years old at the time. I never would have imagined that I would come full circle and be receiving a scholarship in Dr. Blank’s name to continue my education in healthcare. They didn’t know… Continue reading