Strong partnerships

meansstronger care.

Joining forces to bring care to more patients.

We’re dedicated to providing the best care for everyone. That’s why we’ve sought out partners throughout Wisconsin and Upper Michigan who share in our dedication and patients-first philosophy. We recognize the most effective care is about more than treating cancer—it’s about caring for a person. And together with our hospital partners, we’re transforming care like never before.

  • 14 physician care team
  • 29 board certifications
  • 7 board certified hematologists
  • 250+ years of collective experience
  • 144 years of service together
  • 7 languages spoken
  • 3 experts joining in 2024
  • 5 specialties
  • 41 years invested in research
  • 14 advanced practice providers
  • 11 care locations in two states
  • 30 National Cancer Institute certificates of excellence

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Our Clinical Services

With a legacy of pioneering cancer care since 1976, rooted in generations of family-centered service, patients trust us for the highest standard of care, while hospital partners benefit from our expertise and collaborative spirit to enhance their services.

When you choose us as your trusted partner, together, we can make a difference for our community against cancer.

Our legacy of being the first to provide cancer care in our region speaks to our pioneering spirit to advance treatment. This history, coupled with our longstanding tradition of caring for generations of families, underscores deep-rooted connection to community.

Patients trust us to deliver the highest standard of care, while partners can rely on our expertise and collaborative approach to enhance their services.

Our integrated model of medical oncology, radiation and surgical oncology under one roof offers a cohesive approach to care, ensuring streamlined coordination and communication between specialists and enhances the patient’s experience.

We provide comprehensive radiation oncology services including external beam radiotherapy, stereotactic body radiotherapy, stereotactic radiosurgery and brachytherapy. We are also one of the few radiation oncology groups to provide both adult and pediatric radiotherapy. 

For our partners, this collaboration translates into improved efficiency and a global treatment approach, ultimately benefiting patients and the healthcare system. 

Our commitment to cancer research since 1983 is deeply ingrained in our ethos as we understand that the treatments of today are only good enough for yesterday, not tomorrow.

By actively participating in cutting-edge research, we ensure our patients have access to the latest innovations in cancer treatment, offering them the best possible chance for improved outcomes and a brighter tomorrow.

Our unique advantage of having over 60% of our oncologist’s board certified in hematology sets us apart and enables us to provide specialized care for patients with both benign and malignant blood disorders. We are the only team in Northeast Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan to provide comprehensive inpatient and outpatient care for patients with acute leukemia, a rare offering in community and rural clinics across the country. 

This expertise not only ensures patients receive specialized care tailored to their specific needs close to home but also enhances our hospital partners ability to offer in-depth care.

We’ve added breast surgical oncology to our range of services because you deserve simple, seamless care.

For our hospital partners, this integrated approach means they can rely on us to provide a continuum of care, from diagnosis to treatment and beyond, ultimately benefiting both patients and the healthcare system.

Overseeing the care of patients in the hospital is a testament to our commitment to providing full-scale care. This dedicated attention ensures patients receive specialized treatment tailored to their needs.

For our hospital partners, this care management fosters better communication, and integrated patient oversight ultimately leading to improved care team coordination.

Our Difference

At Green Bay Oncology, we are focused on providing care that goes beyond the traditional model. Unlike our competitors, we understand the components and complexity involved in delivering cancer care.

Green Bay Oncology:

Outreach Clinics

We've driven millions of miles bringing care close to home

Multi-Specialty Platform

Owned and operated by the same group


National award-winning physicians committed since 1983

Navigating HOPE®

Dedicated financial team saving patients over $47,086,444

Business Team

Decades of experience in managing oncology clinics through operations, finances and strategy


Hospital-based clinics

Making patients travel to them

Separate Specialties

Owned and operated by different groups


Little to no investment in research

Financial Support

Little to no support for patients

Business Team

Oversite from corporate in another state or no dedicated team at all

Would you like to discuss a potential partnership with us?

Our Service Models

Discover flexible solutions that ensure your healthcare organization can deliver world-class care to your patients with financially stable service lines.

Wherever you are, you’ll have access to our expert physicians to deliver consistent quality care for your patients.

Turnkey solution in addition to the PSA where we provide management support and systems to create streamlined care oversight for your cancer center team.

For short-term care, our physicians adapt to EMRs and build relationships with care teams and trust with patients quickly.

Together, we’ll focus on outcomes and quality, working closely with you to develop mutually beneficial goals that prioritize the well-being of patients while maximizing value.

Our Leadership

Healthcare is complicated, and cancer care even more so.

It takes real expertise to maneuver the complex systems of people, process, and finance needed for our providers to care for patients, and patients to have access to the care they deserve.

We have a dedicated team to forecast and navigate these challenges for our patients and partners.

Gina Moon, MBA, FACHE


Heather Gartzke, MHA


Steve Slocum, MBA


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