Which One of You is my Doctor?

Dr. Burnette and Dr. Ryan join us today to discuss one of the most common questions we receive from our patients at Green Bay Oncology: “Which one of you is my doctor?” We discuss the difference between visiting your primary care doctor and your oncologist and why it may be impossible to see the same oncology doctor at each visit. We discuss the advantages and disadvantages of seeing multiple oncology providers versus maintaining the ‘one doctor, one patient’ approach to cancer care. We share ideas on how we can further improve the multiple-provider approach to patient care and how oncology teams can address the needs of their patients seeking an emotional bond with their physicians. We also discuss how oncology physicians and advanced practice providers can make the multi-provider approach feel like the gold standard of cancer care for patients.

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When Doctors and Nurses Annoy Each Other: Part III

Kylie and Brittany join us again to discuss the emotional hazards we face as oncology doctors and nurses. We discuss the challenge of being self-aware of our emotional state as oncology doctors and why it’s okay for nurses to ‘check in’ with physicians when the physician is experiencing symptoms of compassion fatigue. We discuss how opening communication pathways between physicians and nurses can help reduce and mitigate frustration and aggravation in the workplace. We also discuss the least helpful traits physicians and nurses can have and the stereotypical traits many nurses have that doctors admire most. [Read more…]

When Doctors and Nurses Annoy Each Other: Part II

Brittany and Kylie join us again today to discuss how oncology doctors and nurses sometimes annoy each other, We discuss how doctors and nurses teaching and working styles vary, how they approach a patient case differently, and how these differences in patient care approaches can sometimes lead to tension in the workplace. We discuss the balancing act between providing quantity of life and quality of life for our patients and why it’s critical for oncology doctors and nurses to stay focused on providing both. We discuss why nurses often feel like they’re the ‘middle man’ between doctors, patients, and other clinic departments and how that can often lead to heightened frustration. We also discuss how doctors and nurses work together to achieve the same goal – despite the different styles they use to achieve it – and the challenges associated with getting caught in a patient’s ‘emotional crossfire.’ [Read more…]

When Doctors and Nurses Annoy Each Other: Part I

Kylie and Brittany join us today to share their journey into oncology nurses’ roles and explain their responsibilities as a Care Manager and Infusion Nurse. We discuss some of the common challenges many oncology nurses face in their day-to-day careers and what they believe should be an oncology nurse’s primary focus and responsibility. We discuss the common causes of patient-doctor misunderstandings, how each patient responds to a cancer diagnosis and treatment plan differently, and how oncology nurses help bridge the misalignment gap when helping patients cope and understand their diagnosis and treatment options. We discuss what it means to take care of the ‘whole patient and the benefits of taking a holistic approach to patient care. We also explain why oncology nurses are often not allowed to make certain medical decisions for their patients, how they can play an active role in a patient’s care plan, and the role of trust in a doctor-nurse working relationship. [Read more…]

Our Mission

In this episode, we sat down with Green Bay Oncology’s founders – Dr. Paul Koch, Dr. Skip McGovern, Dr. Jules Blank, and Dr. Gerald Bayer again as well as Dr. Tony Jaslowski, a practicing oncologist and hematologist at Green Bay Oncology. We discuss how a service and ethics team approach was established from the very beginning of our practice. We discuss how we continue to work toward keeping that ethos and culture alive and thriving at GBO today. We discuss how they promoted teamwork, camaraderie, and equality during the organization’s infancy and their shared values for putting the patient’s needs first before focusing on the bottom line. We discuss our mission to maintain an honest, compassionate practice of care and how this mission has been recognized as our practice’s  – and our founders’ – legacy. We also discuss how clinical research trials began at GBO and how cancer research has evolved over the last three decades. [Read more…]

Cancer Care Then & Now

Dr. Paul Koch, Dr. Skip McGovern, Dr. Jules Blank, Dr. Gerald Bayer, and Dr. Tony Jaslowski join us again today to discuss the evolution of cancer care, what cancer treatment plans were like when Green Bay Oncology first began, and the treatment options that are currently available to oncologists and patients. We discuss how cancer research has improved the life expectancy of many patients with various types of cancer over the last several decades. They share the most memorable cancer treatment developments that occurred over the course of their careers and the cancer drugs they were glad to see retire. We also discuss how the introduction of in-home hospice care has significantly improved the quality of life for terminally ill cancer patients and how the number of cancer patients being admitted into the hospital for cancer treatment side effects has been impacted by the development of modern drug treatment options. [Read more…]

Our Roots

In this episode, we speak with Green Bay Oncology’s “Founding Fathers” – Dr. Paul Koch, Dr. Gerald Bayer, Dr. Jules Blank, and Dr. Skip McGovern. We discuss Green Bay Oncology’s humble beginnings and how treating cancer has significantly evolved over the last 45+ years. We discuss what inspired them to get involved in the oncology field and how they developed a system to treat patients quickly. They share what a typical workday was like in the early days of the practice and the strategies Paul and his partners used to grow the company over the years. We also discuss what it was like as an on-call doctor before the invention of cell phones, how technology has enabled us to improve the way we treat patients, and what they miss the most about working with patients since they’ve retired. [Read more…]

Welcome to Cancer Covered

The practice of cancer medicine is complex and demanding. And like anything that takes practice, we’ll spend our whole lives trying to get it right. In each episode, the white coats come off as the dedicated men and women who take on cancer every day unpack the complexities of their work and share stories of how it’s done—and why they keep at it