We have a different approach than other cancer teams.

Many of us were set to dive into academics, but we chose something different. Something smaller—but also bigger.

Less prestigious perhaps, but more pressing, serving the need right in front of our noses, in the least pretentious setting possible—our home.

Green Bay Oncology physicians enjoy peers who collaborate instead of competing, in an organization that gives them a voice and an opportunity for partnership, and a legacy of service in a community that values our work.

Dr. Michael Guiou with Dr. Alex Coffman and Dr. Mitch Winkler

Are we right for each other?

Finding the right fit is crucial for providers joining our group, as it ensures a cohesive team dynamic and a shared commitment to our mission. Our collaborative environment thrives on mutual respect, shared values, and a dedication to patient-centered care, making the right fit essential for the success of our team and the well-being of our patients.

You might be a good fit if:


You are independent of thought, but collaborative in providing care.

Ownership of care

You enjoy complexity and take responsibility to connect the dots and close the loops for the patient's overall care. 

Open to feedback

You are open to feedback and look for opportunities to give it to others as well.

Process improvement mindset

You know healthcare is ever changing so you engage in and promote process improvement.


You're interested in the best idea, and don't care if you're the one who had it.

Service focused

You understand the patient's goals and convenience is more important than yours.

You might not be a good fit if:


View patients as yours and struggle to let the care team share the responsibility.

Not my job

You leave loose ends for other providers and put the responsibility on the patient to connect next steps.

Closed off to input

You don't think you need regular feedback from colleagues to be your best.

Not adaptable

Your workflow may not be perfect, but it's the one you learned and it's too much trouble to change.


You need to convince others of the rightness of your approach and don't seek input.

I'm the doctor

You trained for years and work long hours. Patients should listen and be willing to wait when you're running behind.

Interested in joining our provider team?

If you are a physician or advanced practice provider, we want to connect. 

Physicians FAQs

This varies by physician schedules and the candidate’s availability to be on site for interviews and tours.

The timeline is dependent on the applicant submitting all required documents and the state processing time.

Credentialing is dependent on the health system’s process. The timeframe is 60-120 days and in some cases more.  

Yes. All physicians residing in Wisconsin are credentialed at each Wisconsin location. Our dedicated Michigan team is also credentialed at each Michigan location.

Travel to our outreach locations averages 1-2 days per week. Outreach is typically within one hour from the primary location.

Yes. Every provider is assigned a primary location. 

No. Inpatient service coverage is assigned daily by location. 

No. While patients are assigned a primary oncologist, we also utilize a care team-based approach due to outreach overage and vacations.   


  • Morning starts with a daily huddle where patients for the day are reviewed.
  • Clinic schedule is 8:00-5:00pm.
  • Regular consults are 20 minute  appointments.
  • Average number of new patient consults per day is 2-3 per physician.


  • Morning starts with a daily huddle including all radiation oncology locations.
  • Clinic schedule 8:00-5:00pm.
  • Regular consults are typically 15-30 minutes.
  • New patient consults are typically 60 minutes.
  • Procedures range from 15 minutes to 4-5 hours depending on complexity.
  • Average number of new patient consults per day is 2-4 per physician.

Our providers offer a wide scope of medical oncology, hematology, radiation oncology, and surgical oncology expertise. 

We do not assign subspecialties by provider.

Call is assigned and distributed according to full or part-time status by all physicians of the same specialty. 

MEDICAL ONCOLOGY: Weekend and holiday call coverage includes on site inpatient rounding and is distributed evenly by physicians of the same specialty.

RADIATION: Weekend and holiday call coverage is distributed evenly by physicians of the same specialty.

Yes. Full-time physicians are scheduled for one day off per pay period. 

We have a variety of contracts with multiple hospital systems to provide hematology and oncology services.

Partnership eligibility is voted on by the Board of Directors after 2 or more years of service.

If applicable.

Advanced Practice Providers FAQs

Compassionate, self-driven, collaborative and has a passion for learning,  

During onboarding, you will be assigned a physician mentor as a point person for your development. A short period of shadowing, exposure to practice styles with several providers, followed by seeing patients jointly with a provider and a steady ramp up of clinic schedule.


We provide 25+ didactic sessions covering a wide range of topics.


Yes, with monthly formal and informal meetings during onboarding and clinic schedule ramp up.

  • Assigned mentor.
  • 25+ didactic session covering a wide range of topics.
  • Initial ramp up schedule based on prior experience and ongoing assessment.
  • Continued evaluation and feedback regarding opportunities.

There is a self-evaluation and a mentor evaluation to support opportunities for development.


  • 8:00am – patient huddle with expectation everyone has reviewed their patients prior.
  • 16 appointments – twenty-minute slots with two desk times (catch up time) every half day.
  • 4:00pm – last appointment slot.


  • 8:00am – Morning starts with a daily huddle where patients for the day are reviewed.
  • 12 appointments – thirty-minute time slots with two desk times (catch up time) every half day.
  • 4:00 pm – last appointment slot.


  • Varies by site and patient volumes. 
  • Physician oversite available



Yes. Every provider is assigned a primary location. 

Some travel to neighboring communities may be required and is based on clinic need. Outreach is typically within one hour from the primary location.

After sufficient training and shadowing with mentors, APPs will see patients after completing a skills checklist.

  • With limited oncology experience, typically at one month with a reduced schedule.
  • Prior oncology experience, typically at two weeks with a schedule ramp up pending clinical assessments. 

Each position will have a primary focus, but flexibility to cross cover other advanced practice provider roles is expected

Inpatient training occurs prior to any cross cover. 

No. You will have a primary mentor, but you will work with several doctors pending the schedule at your site.

  • Clear clinical documentation of the plan of care.
  • Discuss challenging appointments on the advanced practice provider schedule during morning huddle.
  • Collaboration of patient care between the onsite or supervising physician and advanced practice provider.