Dear Cancer Patient – Mid-Treatment

Dear Cancer Patient, Treatment’s been underway for a while now. As things have gotten a little more routine, you might have noticed your worries have shifted. See at first, most people are scared of the treatment itself, worrying about nausea and infection and every possible side effect under the sun. But when those things don’t… Continue reading

Mayor Proclaims Holiday – Green Bay Oncology Day

WHEREAS, 1 in 3 of Green Bay’s residents will develop cancer during their lifetimes, driving a need for expert cancer care in our community; and WHEREAS, on August 1, 1976 Dr. Paul Koch founded Green Bay Oncology, the region’s first specialty oncology practice; and WHEREAS, Green Bay Oncology carries on Dr. Paul Koch’s legacy to… Continue reading

Real Men Wear Pink

It would be a lie of omission to only say this cause is important to me professionally. It is not just that. This is a daily part of my life. My mother was the kindest, most thoughtful, and loving person I have ever more.… Continue reading

Dear Cancer Patient – Starting Chemotherapy

Dear Cancer Patient, You’ll be starting chemotherapy soon, and you’re nervous – and after everything you’ve been hearing about it that’s understandable. I’m not going to tell you that we don’t need to be careful with these drugs, or that there are no side effects, because that’d be a lie. But I’d like to wind… Continue reading

Dear Cancer Patient – Your First Week

Dear Cancer Patient, You’ve always hoped never to meet someone like me, but now the unthinkable has happened. Maybe you noticed a lump or a cough, or maybe a routine X-ray turned out to be not so routine after all. You’ve probably spent weeks, maybe months, wondering what was going on and what it all… Continue reading

The Dance

The last time I saw her, we both knew what was about to happen. We'd talked for years about the arrival of this day, not knowing exactly when it would come or what it would look like. Over four years we were gentle but nervous partners in a peculiar dance. … Continue reading

Googling the Way to Early Diagnosis

Pancreatic cancer really pisses me off. I’ve known too many good people struck down too early by it, and in two generations we haven’t really improved cure rates significantly. Besides being highly resistant to most forms of chemotherapy, pancreatic cancer is almost never diagnosed at an early stage. By the time patients develop the typical… Continue reading

Focusing Our Attack

As fruitful as genetic research has been in oncology – and will continue to be – it might be that we’re playing to our enemy’s strengths. Sun Tzu would shudder. For starters, the genetic code of even a single cancer cell is unfathomably complex. Second, not all cancer cells in an individual patient are identical… Continue reading

The GDC Moonshot: Thanks Obama (and Biden)

I once read that the amount of raw medical knowledge doubles every decade. I can’t verify that, but it sure seems right. Not every new fact brings a new solution. Most new drugs and clinical trials are, in fact, blind alleys. But to paraphrase Edison, it’s no failure to identify with certainty the 10,000 things… Continue reading

2015 Guardian of Excellence Award

November 11, 2015 (Green Bay, WI) – Green Bay Oncology is pleased to announce it has been named a 2015 Guardian of Excellence Award® winner by Press Ganey Associates, Inc. The Guardian of Excellence Award recognizes top-performing health care organizations that have consistently achieved the 95th percentile or above of performance in Patient Experience.… Continue reading