FLT3 mutations in AML: From Trivia to Triumph

Here’s an aggravating fact about medical education – a large chunk of what’s taught in medical school is useless trivia: The muscle that elevates your palate is called the tensor veli palatini… Here’s the best way to treat leprosy… Adults whose acute leukemia cells carry an internal tandem mutation of the FLT3 surface tyrosine kinase… Continue reading

My Hero

Oprah’s guest pointed to the place above her collarbone where the tumors first appeared. It’d been a hard fight, with one particularly close call, but she’d made it and now she was a survivor – even a hero. Cue tears from the audience. Normally I’d have been moved, crying along with the show and applauding… Continue reading

Henrietta’s Still With Us

I hope that Henrietta Lacks is somewhere, somehow aware of her rich scientific legacy - that her tragic and premature death from cancer has taught us how to save others - and that she’s managed to forgive science for its sins against her.… Continue reading

What More Can I Do? World Cancer Day 2017

After a certain point awareness just wears us down. Like comedian Doug Stanhope, when I see the ribbons and vigils and observances I sometimes think “could we be doing anything with less impact?” In the last ten years I haven’t met anyone over the age of five who isn’t aware of cancer, so – check… Continue reading

Financial Counselors: A Must Have in Oncology

As an innovator in the oncology field, Green Bay Oncology has created a solid financial counseling program to ensure that no patients have to carry the financial burden that may accompany a cancer diagnosis by themselves. By sharing our story, the financial counseling team hopes other cancer programs can benefit from our experiences to either… Continue reading

Dear Cancer Patient – Finishing Up

Dear Cancer Patient, You probably thought this day would never come, but you’re finally finishing treatment. Well done! You probably expected to feel only relief, but don’t be surprised if it’s mixed with a little anxiety. Treatment can become a kind of security blanket, a trusted shield against the cancer – and now it’s going away.… Continue reading

Dear Cancer Patient – Mid-Treatment

Dear Cancer Patient, Treatment’s been underway for a while now. As things have gotten a little more routine, you might have noticed your worries have shifted. See at first, most people are scared of the treatment itself, worrying about nausea and infection and every possible side effect under the sun. But when those things don’t… Continue reading

Mayor Proclaims Holiday – Green Bay Oncology Day

WHEREAS, 1 in 3 of Green Bay’s residents will develop cancer during their lifetimes, driving a need for expert cancer care in our community; and WHEREAS, on August 1, 1976 Dr. Paul Koch founded Green Bay Oncology, the region’s first specialty oncology practice; and WHEREAS, Green Bay Oncology carries on Dr. Paul Koch’s legacy to… Continue reading

Real Men Wear Pink

It would be a lie of omission to only say this cause is important to me professionally. It is not just that. This is a daily part of my life. My mother was the kindest, most thoughtful, and loving person I have ever known...read more.… Continue reading

Dear Cancer Patient – Starting Chemotherapy

Dear Cancer Patient, You’ll be starting chemotherapy soon, and you’re nervous – and after everything you’ve been hearing about it that’s understandable. I’m not going to tell you that we don’t need to be careful with these drugs, or that there are no side effects, because that’d be a lie. But I’d like to wind… Continue reading