Clinical Trial: 5564377 | EAY191 | ECOG

NCT Number: 5564377

Protocol ID: EAY191

Sponsor: ECOG

Disease Site: Multiple Disease Sites

Disease Category: Multiple Disease Sites

Detail: Molecular Analysis for Combination Therapy Choice (ComboMATCH)

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What do all the numbers mean on clinical trials?

National Clinical Trial Identifier

The National Clinical Trial (NTC) is assigned by the National Library of Medicine when a new study appears in the clinical trials database.

ex: NCT0526225 | GY026 | NRG


Any unique identifier assigned to the protocol by the sponsor.

ex: NCT0526225 | GY026 | NRG


A sponsor is an individual, institution, company or organization that takes the responsibility to initiate, manage and/or finance the clinical trial.

ex: NCT0526225 | GY026 | NRG