What if you’re out-of-network for me?

If your insurance is out-of-network with a facility it is in your best interest to find a facility that is in-network. Some insurance plans have out-of-network benefits, but many do not. Even if you have an out-of-network benefit you will still be responsible for high out-of-pocket costs. Many healthcare facilities will require upfront payments from […]

What do I do if I don’t have insurance?

If you don’t have insurance let your provider’s office know right away.  Ultimately the best thing is to find insurance that will cover you to help ease any financial burden. Ask your clinic if they have someone who can work collaboratively with you or have a resource to help you. You should receive price estimates […]

What if I can’t afford my bill?

There are different financial assistance programs that may be available to assist you with your bill. Some options for assistance include national and local charitable foundations, pharmaceutical co-pay cards, hospital community care programs, and payment plans.

How much is the treatment going to cost?

Treatment costs will depend on your insurance coverage. The most important things are ensuring you are going to an in-network provider, and the clinic has obtained prior authorization for your treatment. If those are done your out-of-pocket cost should not exceed your in-network, out-of-pocket maximum as defined by your insurance.

Do I need an advance directive?

Like everyone over the age of eighteen, you need a Healthcare Power of Attorney as an absolute minimum. Most people and their families haven’t planned sufficiently for serious illness or incapacity. We tend not to talk to our loved ones about it. And most of us don’t have our wishes spelled out in any formal way. […]