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Alisa and Mary Jo join us today to share their story of resilience, familial support, and the power of hope and love in the face of adversity. They describe Alisa’s journey through breast cancer and how her diagnosis impacted her fertility. They explain how the cancer diagnosis and treatment brought them closer together and illustrate how Alisa navigated her life between cancer and college. They also celebrate Alisa’s son, Bodhi, and how his presence in their lives has brought them joy and hope after adversity.

Alisa Ross is a certified medical assistant at Green Bay Oncology / HSHS St Vincent Cancer Center. Alisa was diagnosed with stage 2B triple-positive breast cancer in 2017. Inspired by the compassionate care she received during her own cancer journey, Alisa pursued a technical diploma in Surgical Technology at Northeastern Wisconsin Technical College and has gone on to offer vital support and empathy to patients facing similar battles. Five years after her cancer diagnosis, Alisa’s life is graced by the birth of her son, Bodhi, who brings joy to her and her mother, Mary Jo.

Mary Jo Ross, a retired registered nurse, played a pivotal role in Alisa’s cancer journey. With a nursing education from St. Luke’s Hospital School of Nursing in Racine, WI, and a BSN from the University of Alaska, Mary Jo brought unwavering maternal support to Alisa’s side as the latter navigated her journey through cancer.

“Take each day one day at a time and know that, no matter how you become a mother,
you’re going to love that baby with your whole entire heart.”
– Alisa Ross

This week on Cancer Covered:

  • Alisa’s diagnosis with stage 2B triple-positive breast cancer
  • The importance of regular check-ups and early detection
  • How Alisa’s cancer diagnosis paused her plans for marriage and having children
  • The emotional impact on Mary Jo after learning that her daughter had cancer
  • How the relationship between Alisa and Mary Jo changed during and after the cancer treatment process
  • The impact of cancer on Alisa’s fertility
  • What inspired Alisa to study to become a medical assistant amid her cancer journey
  • Her experience juggling college and cancer treatment
  • How being a cancer survivor has shaped Alisa’s perspective as a medical assistant
  • Mary Jo’s advice to parents of cancer patients and survivors
  • How prayer, faith, and experience as a nurse helped Mary Jo navigate her daughter’s cancer diagnosis
  • Alisa’s fertility journey after cancer
  • The egg donor IVF process
  • Alisa’s son, Bodhi, and how his birth brought joy to their lives
  • Alisa’s advice to young women facing similar challenges in life

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