Encore: Our Mission

In this episode, we’re joined by the pioneering founders of Green Bay Oncology – Dr. Paul Koch, Dr. Skip McGovern, Dr. Jules Blank, and Dr. Gerald Bayer – along with Dr. Tony Jaslowski, a dedicated oncologist and hematologist at GBO. Our conversation delves into our practice’s roots, exploring the establishment of a service and ethics-driven team approach. We reflect on how this ethos and culture, which prioritize teamwork, camaraderie, and equality, have flourished at GBO since its inception. Our discussion further highlights the founders’ commitment to prioritizing patient needs rather than focusing solely on financial goals. We explore our ongoing mission to provide honest, compassionate care, a philosophy that has become our and our founders’ lasting legacy. Additionally, we delve into the genesis of clinical research trials at GBO and examine the advancements in cancer research over the past thirty years.

To be an oncologist is an incredible privilege. You meet people at one of the worst times of their lives, and they allow you to care for them. Sometimes you cure their cancer, and sometimes they succumb to the disease – or something in between. But one thing remains consistent in our careers as a physician – It’s an incredible privilege to help our patients. Caring for our patients is a gift – a gift they give to us. It’s something our founders at Green Bay Oncology have never forgotten. And it’s something every oncologist should remember.

“Standardization of care is the ultimate vision for where we want this to go so everybody can have the best results.”
– Dr. Skip McGovern

This week on Cancer Covered:

  • Treating each other as equals promotes teamwork
  • Putting the patient’s needs first
  • Our mission is to provide honest, compassionate care
  • The differences between a profit-driven practice vs a service-driven practice
  • How clinical research trials began at GBO
  • Understanding what an IRB is and what they do
  • How clinical research impacts communities


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