Hair Loss & Chemotherapy

Mitch and I delve into hair loss during cancer treatment in today’s episode. We explore why certain therapies cause hair loss and discuss the emotional impact it can have on patients. We also touch on the treatments more likely to cause hair loss, such as anthracyclines and taxane drugs.

Mitch shares insights on the temporary nature of hair loss and how patients can cope with the distress it may cause. We also discuss the option of scalp cryotherapy as a preventative measure, although it comes with challenges. Throughout the episode, we emphasize the importance of understanding and validating the emotions that come with hair loss while highlighting cancer patients’ resilience and adaptability. Join us as we shed light on this aspect of cancer treatment.


“This is a temporary phase, just like the cancer treatment is.”
~Dr. Mitch Winkler

In This Week’s Episode of Cancer Covered:

  • Why some cancer treatments cause hair loss.
  • Specific treatments more likely to cause hair loss.
  • Is hair loss permanent for cancer patients?
  • Preventing hair loss during treatment.
  • How cancer patients cope with hair loss.
  • How common is it for people to lose their hair during cancer treatment?
  • Adapting to hair loss during treatment


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