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Prescription Refills

We are determined to meet your needs by prescribing medication only directly related to your diagnosis, as well as any side effects related to your treatment.

All other chronic medical conditions should be managed by the medical provider or medical practice that has prescribed them. This includes medication refills for those conditions.

To assist you in refilling your prescriptions in a timely manner, please contact your pharmacy to initiate the refill process. If your pharmacy is unable to assist you, please call us for your refill requests. We have both local and toll-free phone numbers:

  • (920) 431-7832
  • Toll free (877) 431-7832


The prescription line is managed during business hours.

  • Please have the following information available before you call to refill a prescription:
  • Patient’s first and last name (please spell out name)
  • Date of birth
  • Telephone number where you can be reached, if necessary
  • Name of the medication (please spell out name), the dosage and
  • Specify your pharmacy


Refills will be electronically sent to the pharmacy you have designated.

Dr. Michael Guiou with Dr. Alex Coffman and Dr. Mitch Winkler