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Survivorship: What Lies Beyond Cancer

“Now what?” This is at the top of patients’ minds after completing cancer treatment.

For many, it comes with a significant amount of worry. You have achieved the “end goal” so it’s common to wonder, what’s next?

Patients are used to being supervised on a daily or weekly basis and that may abruptly change to monthly or yearly follow-ups. This can increase nervousness prior to lab tests and exams. Common fears include recurrence, symptom management, social and financial concerns, and chronic health problems that have accompanied or been delayed since their cancer diagnosis.

We’re here from the start, through the darkest days, and to help patients live beyond cancer. Survivorship is an all-encompassing term that refers to a patient at any point along their cancer journey. Cancer is a dramatic life-altering diagnosis that changes patients’ and their loved ones’ outlook on life. Learning to adapt following the burdens of treatment takes a village.

Our team of experts will guide you to resources aimed to help you survive and thrive during and after cancer treatment.

  • SUPPORT: No one should carry the burden of cancer alone. A cancer diagnosis can make you and your loved ones feel isolated and alone, just when you need support the most. We know that meaningful connection brings strength and healing. Sharing the experience in a safe space with others on a similar path is often powerful and therapeutic. That’s why we offer a free monthly virtual cancer support group facilitated by our social workers for you and your loved ones. Wherever you are on your cancer journey, you are always welcome.

  • FINANCIAL: Our Navigating HOPE® financial counselors are dedicated to easing the financial toxicity that too often accompanies a cancer diagnosis. We understand that financial and insurance issues can be stressful and confusing. Let us go to battle for you.
    • SERVICES INCLUDE: Consultation to discuss insurance benefits and financial concerns to establish a joint path forward.
      • Review out-of-pocket expenses
      • Liaison between you and the insurance company
      • Collaborate with your care team
      • Verify in/out of network insurance coverage
      • Obtain insurance authorizations
      • Appeal insurance denials
      • Co-pay/Medication/Foundation Assistance
      • Disability referrals
      • Assistance with Medicaid or Marketplace enrollment

  • NUTRITION: Patients often ask what dietary changes they can make during treatment. We recommend working with our team of dietitians. They will guide you and take cardiac or diabetic needs into consideration.

  • MEDICAL: Our providers bring cancer treatment close to home, which helps with accessibility and allows for education, discussion, and support of long-term symptoms. We participate in clinical trials which investigate active treatments, preventative care, and symptom management. We also collaborate on mental health and with physical therapy to provide holistic survivorship care.

FOR MORE INFORMATION ON SURVIVORSHIP VISIT: The American Cancer Society – Survivorship During & After Treatment

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Barbi Kaplan-Frenkel, DO

Barbi’s patients can expect her to be open, caring and positive. She values being part of a team that is committed to both excellence and compassion.

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