Dear Cancer Patient – Your First Week

Dear Cancer Patient – Your First Week

Dear Cancer Patient,

You’ve always hoped never to meet someone like me, but now the unthinkable has happened. Maybe you noticed a lump or a cough, or maybe a routine X-ray turned out to be not so routine after all. You’ve probably spent weeks, maybe months, wondering what was going on and what it all means.

And you’ve spent an unimaginable amount of time in terrible suspense.

But you are not alone. And the answers are coming.

You don’t have to learn everything, read everything, in the next two weeks. You will learn about your cancer, and understand it as well as we do sooner than you think. We want you to understand. We’ll help you understand. But it can’t happen overnight, and you’re in a terrible, frightened hurry right now. You fear your cancer is rushing through you, gaining on you every minute, and you want it cut, burned, or blown out of you, by any means necessary.

But your cancer, no cancer, moves that fast. What you need right now is a deep, full breath, and a well thought-out plan.

You may hate us for counseling patience right now, for not making a headlong charge, for taking more time to understand the enemy you’re facing. But it’s the smart move.

You need smart right now.

We’ll move as fast as we can. It won’t feel fast enough, but that’s because we’re moving with very careful steps.

And we can help you, whatever comes.