Melanoma Monday

This time of year, conjures up thoughts of fun in the sun, on the boat, or walking the dog. It is also the beginning of Skin Cancer Awareness Month and May 6th is Melanoma Monday. There are a number of things we can all do to enjoy the sunshine while also practicing skin safety.  Melanoma is one […]

Wisdom from the Strangest Places

I’m sentimental about Halloween the way most people are sentimental about Christmas. Fall foliage and pumpkins bring the tang of childhood to my tongue like nothing else. So I spend the month of October watching new horror movies or horror mini-series, if there are any good ones. And if there aren’t, then there’s always the […]

Survivorship: What Lies Beyond Cancer

“Now what?” This is at the top of patients’ minds after completing cancer treatment. For many, it comes with a significant amount of worry. You have achieved the “end goal” so it’s common to wonder, what’s next? Patients are used to being supervised on a daily or weekly basis and that may abruptly change to […]

Cancer is Political

Why? Well, first of all, people die from cancer. It’s the second leading cause of death in the US. Second, it can happen to anyone. Cancer is extremely common. If they live a normal lifespan, half of women and a third of men will get it. And if you’re thinking it can’t happen to you, […]

BREAKING: e-cigarettes pulled from shelves

BREAKING: The FDA announces all JUUL e-cigarette products, including menthol-flavored e-cigarettes, must be pulled from shelves across the U.S. E-cigarettes have been touted as a “safer” version of tobacco products. This may be true in regards to lung toxin exposure but many of the same and even new risks remain. Nicotine, the main active ingredient […]

Can prostate health be found in a bottle?

There are many different names for products that manufacturers are hoping you think that if taken as recommended will lead to a “healthy prostate”.   You have most likely noticed them in the store or online with names ranging from Prostate Defense to Super Beta Prostate Support. Other than a high price tag are they really any […]

Remission in Every Patient

Promising clinical response for rectal cancer patients. This weekend, Green Bay Oncology providers attended ASCO in Chicago where the results of a phase II trial was discussed involving patients with mismatch repair deficient locally advanced rectal cancer. These patients received treatment with PD-1 blockade, dostarlimab, and had a complete clinical response. This is exciting news […]

Male Breast Cancer

Men absolutely get breast cancer. It happens here in Green Bay. I’ve treated it. So it’s absolutely a thing. But men get breast cancer about 100 times LESS often than women do, for a very simple reason: Most breast cancers develop from abnormal cells in the ductwork of the breast. But men have less breast […]

Has COVID-19 lost us the war on cancer?

For several months in the spring of 2020, clinics and hospitals across the United States temporarily suspended routine cancer screening during the early phase of the COVID outbreak. Patients we’d reminded by mail and phone not to forget their mammograms or colonoscopies or PAP smears were suddenly told to cancel them and sit tight. Most […]

No Illusions

Though I’m an oncologist and not an infectious disease expert I’m getting bombarded with questions about the pandemic. Patients and staff are asking me and every one of my partners similar things, over and over: How long until things go back to normal? How much danger am I in? Is it all going to be […]