Encore: Care Close to Home – Why it’s Important

Tony joins us today to discuss why providing cancer care close to home is essential. We discuss the travel expenses often associated with receiving cancer treatments and why they often cause patients to delay their treatment. We discuss how often many cancer patients need to visit the oncologist for cancer treatments and how they typically […]

Demanding Proof

Matthew and Brian join us today for an insightful discussion discussing the pivotal role of evidence-based medicine, a cornerstone in optimizing patient outcomes and healthcare strategies. This conversation navigates through the historical tapestry of medical research, spotlighting James Lind’s 1753 seminal scurvy experiment as a monumental benchmark initiating systematic medical experimentation. We dissect the principle […]

The Birth of Chemotherapy

Dr. Ryan joins us again today to discuss the origins of chemotherapy treatment. We discuss how earlier chemotherapy treatments were initially derived from poison and how chemotherapy research and development have improved over the years. We discuss the challenges researchers and medical oncologists faced during the early days of using chemo to treat cancer and […]

Cancer and Alcohol

Dr. Ruth Warren joins us today to discuss alcohol, cancer risk, and society’s relationship with alcohol consumption. We explore how our relationship with alcohol is conditioned at a young age and how we’re taught to love the drink as we grow up, even if we don’t like the taste. We describe the two ways of […]

The Birth of Radiation

Michael joins us today to discuss the history of radiation treatment for various types of cancers. We discuss why it was initially perceived as a magical solution to treating cancer and why regulations were eventually implemented on the use of radiation therapy for cancer patients. We discuss how doctors obtained the radiation they needed to […]

Cancer Myths

This week on Cancer Covered: Differentiating between evidence-based research and myths Debunking common myths around cancer and cancer care Where we believe these myths began How oncologists decide when it’s appropriate to remove cancerous tumors surgically Addressing ‘accurate adjacent’ myths around cancer The dangers of changing the human body’s pH levels to try to cure […]

Just Cut it Out!

This week on Cancer Covered: Why surgery isn’t always the answer for treating or curing cancer Why our ancient ancestors did not perform radical surgeries to treat cancer The discovery of anesthesia and its impact on treating cancer What inspired Dr. Halsted  to explore using surgery as a treatment option for breast cancer Realizing that […]

Healthcare Burnout

Karianne and Tom join us today to discuss healthcare worker burnout and its impact on cancer care delivery. We discuss the importance of taking breaks and time off to manage the challenges of working in oncology and its unique stressors. We examine the shortage of healthcare professionals in 2020 that was caused by pandemic working […]

Cancer Through Time

“Cancer is as ancient as we are.”– Dr. Matthew Ryan Dr. Ryan joins us today to discuss cancer in the ancient world and why it often seems more familiar than many people realize. We discuss the origins of cancer, how Darius the Great’s wife, Atossa, was diagnosed with cancer, and how her feelings and emotions […]

Research: What’s on the Horizon?

“With more sophisticated testing we can move away fromgeneral estimates to more precise ones, guiding treatment.”– Dr. Brian Burnette Dr. Ryan and Dr. Burnette join us today to discuss what’s on the horizon for cancer research. We discuss the exciting progress that has been made in cancer research, particularly immunotherapy treatments, and how it has […]