Is Immunotherapy for You?

Bradley joins us today to discuss the historical use of immunotherapy treatment to treat cancer.  We discuss how immunotherapy works and the positive and negative impact it can have on a patient’s immune system. We discuss why immunotherapy treatment works well for some types of cancers but not for others and how it has made significant improvements in the survival rates of patients. We discuss some of the current limitations of using immunotherapy to treat cancer and the need to conduct further research to expand its use to treat other types of cancers. We also discuss what we believe the future holds for using biotechnology therapy, vaccines, and immunotherapy treatment to prevent and treat cancer.

Dr. Bradley Heraly, an esteemed specialist in medical oncology and hematology, originates from Casco, Wisconsin. With a comprehensive training background, including his residency at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and a fellowship at the University of Minnesota Medical Center, he excels in delivering personalized cancer care and treating adult blood disorders. Participating actively in the National Cancer Institute\’s (NCI) Community Oncology Research Program (NCORP) trials, he demonstrates a keen interest in immunotherapy, bladder, and renal cancer. Beyond his professional pursuits, Bradley enjoys outdoor activities, including parasailing, biking, and camping, as well as coaching sports and fantasy football. His unique blend of calming, empathetic, and attentive traits allows him to establish strong patient relationships, underpinning his personalized approach to cancer care.

“We have this technology we use on a large scale. We can move forward in the cancer realm with certain antigens and get some benefit from this.”
– Dr. Bradley Heraly

This week on Cancer Covered:

  • The interaction between cancer cells and the immune system and how cancer cells can dampen the immune response
  • The role of PDL1 molecules as a ‘fake ID’ for cancer cells and how it helps cancer cells avoid an immune attack
  • Types of cancers that have shown a good response to immunotherapy treatment
  • Why immunotherapy treatment is less effective in certain cancers, like pancreatic, prostate, and hormone-positive breast cancer
  • Educating patients on immunotherapy treatment effectiveness and use
  • Possible side effects of immunotherapy treatment
  • The development and ongoing research of CAR-T cell therapy to treat leukemia, lymphoma, and multiple myeloma
  • The rapid progress and prospects of immunotherapy treatment
  • The potential for cancer vaccines as a primary prevention of infection-related cancers
  • The need for evidence-based approaches in utilizing immune boosters and nutraceuticals for treating cancer
  • The importance of balancing efficacy and safety in cancer treatment approaches
  • Ongoing advancements in cancer research and the potential for future breakthroughs in immune therapy

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