When Doctors and Nurses Annoy Each Other: Part I

Kylie and Brittany join us today to share their journey into oncology nurses’ roles and explain their responsibilities as a Care Manager and Infusion Nurse. We discuss some of the common challenges many oncology nurses face in their day-to-day careers and what they believe should be an oncology nurse’s primary focus and responsibility. We discuss the common causes of patient-doctor misunderstandings, how each patient responds to a cancer diagnosis and treatment plan differently, and how oncology nurses help bridge the misalignment gap when helping patients cope and understand their diagnosis and treatment options. We discuss what it means to take care of the ‘whole patient and the benefits of taking a holistic approach to patient care. We also explain why oncology nurses are often not allowed to make certain medical decisions for their patients, how they can play an active role in a patient’s care plan, and the role of trust in a doctor-nurse working relationship.

Kylie Thews is an RN and Oncology Certified Nurse currently working in the Infusion department at Green Bay Oncology. She has worked as an Oncology Nurse for approximately five years, helping patients receive cancer treatments and care. Holding dual Bachelor’s degrees, Kylie graduated from the University of Wisconsin with a degree in Rehabilitation Psychology as well as received a degree in Nursing from Rasmussen College. She also received the 2019 Green Bay Oncology Karen Klarkowski Education Award.

At the age of 14, Brittany Cook delivered her niece on the bathroom floor while on the phone with 911. From that moment, she knew she wanted a career that allowed her to help people. Following high school, Brittany obtained her Associate’s degree in Nursing from Northeast Wisconsin Technical School and began working as a Critical Care nurse at various hospitals. Over the course of her career, she shifted her career focus and became an Oncology Certified Nurse. With a decade of experience in nursing, Brittany currently serves as the Care Manager at Green Bay Oncology and believes the strength she sees from our patients is incredibly admirable.

“Sometimes you have to take a step back.”
– Brittany Cook

This week on Cancer Covered:

  • How Brittany’s and Kylie’s careers began in oncology
  • The role and responsibilities of a Care Manager and Infusion Nurse
  • Common challenges that Care Managers and Infusion Nurses face in their day-to-day jobs
  • What Kylie and Brittany believe an oncology nurse’s primary responsibility should be
  • How oncology nurses help support and advocate for their patient’s care
  • Getting to the root cause of patient-doctor misunderstandings and misalignments
  • How a doctor’s personality and teaching style impacts the way patients understand their diagnosis and treatment options
  • How oncology nurses take care of the whole patient
  • The primary responsibility of an oncology doctor
  • How oncology nurses can influence a patient’s care plan
  • How trust plays a role in doctor-nurse working relationships

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